ICTnovation: the resilience of the tech sector during the pandemic in Barcelona

The ICT sector is at full speed in Barcelona. The tech sector is one of the lighthouses that sheds a little light on the pandemic crisis. Just to put it in numbers, in the first half of 2020, they have grown from 114.00 to 124.000 jobs in six months, that is to say, a net growth of 8.6%.


The demand increase for tech services due to the push of teleworking, digitalization and e-commerce has boosted the sector. More than 40% of technological companies foresee an increase in their turnover this year, and almost 80% have their employees teleworking. The ICT includes telecommunications companies, consultants, app developers, IT providers, and much more, that are becoming an economic cornerstone. According to the numbers, the ICT sector employs 3.8% of the employed population in Catalonia.


Looking to the future


With more than 18,000 million euros in the GPD of Catalonia, the industry is going to mark its historical record. Digital innovation is consolidating as a necessary and key actor for the economic recovery in Barcelona. But the ITC sector has to face some weaknesses in order to become fully competitive. For example, only the 30% of the employees are women.


Another of the threats to work on is that almost 70% of the ITC companies assure that their turnover will increase if they could have more professionals. For this reason, Barcelona is going to invest 5 million euros to boost young technological talent. In numbers, they are going to develop digital skills to 20.000 people and to promote the scientific and tech vocation with a gender perspective among the educational and professional community.


Barcelona wants to be a digital talent hub in Europe. In the near future, Barcelona is going to develop the 22@ tech district to lead the creation of 50.000 jobs. But, nowadays, the ICT business is valued at 6.54 points out of 10 in the innovation ranking. Although Barcelona is maintaining the level despite the current covid situation, structural changes must be improved to reach a qualitative leap in the sector.


Some of the actions have been committed between the public and private sector, to contribute to the digitalization process in order to be an ITC talent hub. The importance of promoting innovation through infrastructures, training, innovation, and new technologies is on the common agenda. Digital transformation will be an essential way to overcome short/mid-term challenges.



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