Barcelona, pioneering on electric and sustainable mobility

Barcelona, pioneering on electric and sustainable mobility

Barcelona is an advanced and committed city to a sustainable mobility model, which motivate their citizens to journey on foot, by bicycle, scooter, or any other public transport. Barcelona is one of the most advanced cities in the world in terms of e-mobility, offering a wide range of possibilities, from powered bicycles to electric scooters.

The latest innovations have led to a brand-new proliferation of means of transport, which coexist with more traditional ways to move along the city. With revolutionary initiatives like the Superblocks project or the viability to make all public buses electric by 2040, this electric mobility ecosystem has been inspired -in major part- by the established start-up hub. The micro-mobility environment is flourishing with several new users and developers that make the city a hotspot for testing new and creative ideas.

Accesibility in Barcelona 

Being one of the preferred cities to live by its quality of life, Barcelona offers a large variety of options to choose from. Accessible, affordable, comfortable, and sustainable, the micro-mobility system is identified by two main ideas: the mode of transport and the type of use. Among the first one, you will find different options that would adjust your preferent interests: from electric kick-scooter, bikes, scooters, etc. And once you have chosen your way to move and reach every corner of the city, you can decide how: buying, renting, or sharing.

Due to the city’s reputation as a mobile world leader and on of the main referents of smart city capabilities, every day, more and more start-ups decide to focus their activity to bring solutions with mobility tech. It is not casual that Barcelona is, probably, an enthusiastic environment to explore new manners and ways to join urbanism, citizens, and proximity. The perfect pitch to explore how more people use these modes of transport in their day-to-day.

A city for all 

For this reason, the growing proliferation of this new kind of vehicle has led to providing a pioneering law in an effort to share the public space and foster more sustainable mobility in harmony. A way to fulfill the interests of residents and the environment in a more convenient way of getting around the city. If you are thinking to move to Barcelona, choose your perfect option and do not hesitate, because in our apartments have all the necessary to do it, and even more, you can enjoy the Bird kick-scooter way of transport anyway you need it.



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