“Agile real estate”, or the importance of being a step-forward

Agile innovation methods have revolutionized our environment. Over the past years, they have greatly increased success rates in real estate development, improved quality and speed to market, and boosted the motivation and productivity of the property sector.

We live in constant progress. The way we work and live is completely different than several years ago. And the current path seems to be continuously accelerating. For this reason, “agile real estate” intends to support personal or professional objectives and needs through dynamic workplace environments. Agile real estate is quickly transforming traditional environments to a new place.

Being flexible

Real estate is looking for new models to deliver the best possible workplace, with added value assets to solve organizations and people’s needs. With the rise of incubators and coworking spaces, agile real estate has appeared as a strong alternative to traditional office space.

All is about getting options: coworking, incubators, shared spaces or private suites. This allows not just an easier negotiation on the final rent based on the specific requirements and needs of the professional/business but also looking forward to planning the coming years.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of agile real estate is its flexibility. Some places will even offer an option between coworking, shared office spaces, or private offices and suites. Business leaders can then negotiate on their final rent based on their space requirements and length of stay. For start-ups and growing businesses, this can be an invaluable way to plan for the year ahead.

The importance of being flexible is a key element for start-ups and small or growing businesses, and the future of the entire economic system. The aim is to provide a customizable cost-effective solution term agreement to rent. For example, through coworking, the rental cost is shared with other tenants, creating a more affordable and collaborative space.

Empowering the talent

Not just economics, people who experience coworking tend to experience greater levels of flexibility, ability to network, or a stronger sense of community. The environment and common spaces impact individual workers, taking into account the amenities, branding, and unique cultures created by diverse people and companies working together. Usually, this kind of space plays an active role in shaping professional identities beyond practical amenities or location.

Nowadays, people are open to options, considering risks, and being open to evaluating solutions not previously considered. Agile real state is here not only to stay but to be even more important. Its main aim is to provide more affordable rent and inclusive workspace and to create new business opportunities to grow and become a reality.  Not only approaches their specific needs bringing security but also empowers and dynamize its activity in manners not expected.



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