“Agile real estate”, or the importance of being a step-forward

Agile innovation methods have revolutionized our environment. Over the past years, they have greatly increased success rates in real estate development, improved quality and speed to market, and boosted the motivation and productivity of the property sector. We live in constant progress. The way we work and live is completely different than several years ago. […]

The energy transition from above

The energy transition from above, our buildings on the loupe The current path to rethink how our buildings should play and lead the energy transition is not new. And, probably, the confinement situation has boosted its role on the agenda and opened new challenges and opportunities such as working from home. The environmental challenge is […]

A short story about the office

Offices, and the ways we use them, are permanently evolving. But, with the arrival of Covid-19 and the shift to working from home, we have to wonder how we have to understand the office nowadays according to the new reality. To do it so, first, we have to take a look at how the office […]

Entre la U y la V: La recuperación en el Real Estate

Entre la U y la V: La recuperación en el real Estate ¿U o V? La pregunta más formulada estos últimos meses sigue generando debate. Todas las perspectivas elaboradas para este 2020 han quedado desdibujadas bajo gruesas pinceladas de incertidumbre. Y es que, saber cómo será la recuperación del sector real estate tras el fin […]