Coworking revolution

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged and put on focus on the workplace. With the arrival of work-from-home as a temporary solution, it is time to put on focus some of the post-pandemic workplace strategies. And one of the main disruption models that can take the prominence is the coworking in order to improve work performance and the urban landscape.


The coworking space was born to provide resources and support to self-employed, impossible to find at home. A basic solution that makes easier access to a workspace and a social commitment that reinforce corporate identity. Today coworking has evolved and expanded to reach start-ups and small-medium businesses that have uncertain projections or business growth rates flexibility enough. The choice depends upon practical, experiential, and cultural variables.

What makes them unique? One of the main assets of coworking space is how their environment impact and relate to their community and its work culture. Coworking space can strengthen the relation and perception between employees, organizations and clients, avoiding isolation.

How? Simply, coworking spaces tend to give more sense of professionalism than remote working. Not just for clients, but also for other co-workers and colleagues at the same working space. And one of the main reasons to do it is the location of the building. Even more, the office design brings not just flexibility to their needs but also shapes and defines a new corporate identity that looks active and to the future.

An expansion of opportunites

Space and its facilities have been designed to transform and test new ways to work and to generate new ideas and innovation through knowledge sharing and open space. Nothing is fixed in coworking spaces, from furniture, walls, and amenities, which are strategically designed to boost productivity and safety. And the employee has the freedom to choose and develop a space that is a mirror of its identity and, at the same time, of its organization.

Working beyond the boundaries of an organization. Shared workspaces, learning skills faster, enhancing connections and having inspiration and control. Coworking spaces brings some qualities that are not only related to freelancers, but also small and big companies. Many companies bet to reinforce their workforce through coworking experiences. A way to learn from others and collaborate in a shared way.

Empower workers to make space their own. Coworking has become an attractive choice nowadays that creates a shared bubble of protection that allows users to improve and realize their potential. Like a testing ground to improve your day-to-day and offer high-performance in exchange to put productivity and health first.



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