Investment and asset management specialized in prime Real Estate

with a focus on environmental and social well-being

+ 50 years
of experience in asset management
+ 45 properties
in prime locations
37% Retail   37% Hospitality
26% Office


Mimeisa Asset Management provide a wide range of real estate solutions to private and institutional investors. 

Asset management

Investment advisory

Finance management


"Our greatest strengths lie in our ability to identify and promote long-term value through active portfolio management, in the experience gained since 1969 when Mimeisa Asset Management was founded and in taking into account customers needs, sustainability, risk management and local communities with the aim of exceeding our investors' benchmark risk return trade off. "

Director of Real Estate - Jaume Roig Hernando

Environmental, Social & Governance

In the current context, MIMEISA develops bridges between the management and investment of real estate assets and society. In this way, management and investment standards are promoted in all ESG strategies that allow the creation of value in the long term of the company with a vision of positive environmental and social impact .


  • Real estate certifications
  • Renewable energy
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Emissions offsets
  • Indoor air quality


  • Equality and diversity
  • Lifelong learning
  • Health and wellness
  • Tenant engagement
  • Community


  • Corporate certifications
  • RSC
  • Sustainability Policy
  • Resilience & Data Management
  • TCFD & UN

We increase your profitability by improving the long term add value


We apply advanced technologies, such as internet of things, data analytics, virtual tours, property management systems, security systems or online services. Innovation is part of our DNA with the aim of improving both customer satisfaction and efficiency in property management.

Sustainability & Community

We design spaces to improve services for clients as well as to encourage collaboration and interaction between them, such as common areas or rooftops. We are also committed to sustainability with several assets certified by the prestigious Leed and Breeam organizations.

360 decision making

Decision making with a 360º perspective considering not only economic, technical and legal factors but also finance, tax, design or security and always valuing sustainability and future trends to preserve and improve the assets value in the long term.


Extensive experience and knowledge of the main players in the market gained since 1969. We collaborate with the architects, engineers, brokers, investors, legal and tax advisors that best suit each project and moment developing long-term relationships.
Equipo Mimeisa Asset managment
Mimeisa Asset Management

Our team by your side.

Solvency, trust and experience.

Highly specialized team, with extensive experience and success stories in the sector and without leaving aside ethical values, offers a wide variety of services and customized solutions. The commitment of the entire organization guarantees relationships of trust, maximum protection of the value of the assets, risk management and the achievement of the objectives of the investors.

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